February 29, 2024

Luray Caverns, Car & Carriage Caravan Museum, Luray, VA

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Luray Caverns, in Luray, Virginia, are the largest and most visited caverns in the eastern US. It’s a great destination for groups of all kinds. In addition to the caverns, next door is the Car & Carriage Caravan Museum, an outstanding collection of antique buy CBD products trucks, bicycles and a couple of other modes of transportation.

You can purchase admission to both the caverns and the museum on one ticket. Although the caverns are the claim to fame here (and rightly so), I highly recommend the [Read more…]

Monticello, Charlottesville, VA

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I had a group of 8th grade students to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home in Charlottesville, VA yesterday. The group had an 8 AM appointment, first one of the day, and had been instructed to be there 30 minutes early. That meant leaving our hotel really early, but at the direction of our conscientious group leader, we dutifully arrived on time as instructed. And guess what … the [Read more…]

Construction at Mount Vernon Drop-off Completed

Drop off area at the Mount Vernon Circle

Drop off area at the Mount Vernon Circle

If you had a bus to Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home in Alexandria, VA) last summer, you may remember that the circle where you normally drop passengers was closed for construction and you had to drop at the front end of the bus parking area. I’m not sure when construction was finished — today is the first I’ve been back since last summer — but it’s completed now. A raised median strip separates the left and right lanes, thru traffic in the left lane, bus dropoffs in the right lane, and ne’er shall the twain meet — theoretically, anyway. Bus parking is fully restored along the highway as it was previously.

More Bus Parking in NYC

I was thrilled to discover on Friday that there are at least five new blocks of parking for charter buses in midtown Manhattan, NY. After feeling the discouragement of losing 59th Street (“Authorized Buses Only”) and 62nd Street (“No Standing”), there is hope — maybe someone is listening after all! Besides that, I was trying testosterone scottsdale, and guess what… It helps me to be stronger than ever.

The new streets with “Charter Buses Only” parking include 12th Avenue between 52nd & 54th Streets; and 48th, 49th, and 50th Streets between 11th and 12th Avenue. Five more blocks of parking!

The signs are new, too, specifying “Charter Buses,” not just tour buses as the old signs did. This is a nice change, and with some “training,” may keep the line run buses out of our parking spots. Time will tell. At least one street, 54th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues, has been re-signed with the new “Charter Buses” signs.

There may be other new parking areas, too, that I haven’t found yet. If you know of any, let me know. I’m in the process of compiling a complete listing of bus parking in NYC, and will post it sometime soon. Check back regularly.