February 29, 2024

NYC 2011 Holiday Motorcoach Traffic Regulations Published

New York City has finally published their official 2011 Holiday Motorcoach Traffic Regulations. Although it was just published online this week, it was effective beginning November 18th and continues through January 2nd, 2012. View (and print) the PDF file with a listing and map of the new regs and parking areas here:

NYC 2011 Holiday Motorcoach Traffic Regulations

There are a few additions to previous parking locations, as usual. But there are also a few listings that in reality don’t exist currently, such as (23) 8th Ave between 54th and 55th Streets — currently taken up by construction barriers and other equipment.

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There is still not nearly enough parking for the number of charter and tour buses in the city at this time of the year. It becomes a game, as coaches circle the parking areas looking for other buses leaving to pick up their groups. It’s not uncommon for buses to circle for 1-2 hours looking for parking, adding to the pollution, noise and traffic in NYC. While there is talk of various possible solutions, politicians are gridlocked, just like in Washington, DC, unable to come up with any meaningful solutions. If you are planning to buy a double cap car check this advice on where to buy a double cab car.

2010 NYC Holiday Motorcoach Guide

New York City has just published the 2010 Holiday Motorcoach Operator’s Guide, the Midtown Manhattan traffic regulations for the remainder of the year. It includes specific drop-off/pick-up locations for groups going to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, as well as a list of parking locations for motorcoaches.

It takes effect today (November 19, 2010) and goes through January 2, 2011.

Instructions are slightly different from last year. Make sure you read them carefully. Parking locations also have a few changes this year, with several streets being eliminated, and one or two new ones added. They are listed in the guide.

Download the two-page PDF file and take it with you: CLICK HERE to get the file. I’ve also added the link to the Parking & More page in my Links section.

Five of My Favorite Broadway Shows

I love Broadway shows, and because I frequently do trips to New York City, I get to see a few shows each year. Here’s a list of my top five favorite Broadway shows that are still playing, plus a few others worth seeing and two of my all-time favorites that are no longer playing.

1) The Phantom of the Opera

The longest running show on Broadway, and once you’ve seen it you start to understand why. Great music. And one of those very rare shows you want to see more than once. I had one passenger recently who was seeing it for the 11th time!

2) Mamma Mia

I love ABBA’s music, and this is a fun story built around their great songs. Another one you can see more than once — my wife has been there twice already.

3) Jersey Boys

Okay, I love oldies … and I love Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. So this show in a no-brainer — great music and a great, mostly true, story. [Read more…]

The Sign Motorcoach Drivers Love (and Hate)

A Love-Hate Relationship

A Love-Hate Relationship

To most motorcoach charter and tour bus drivers who have the “good fortune” of driving trips to New York City, this parking sign seems an endangered species. In the last several months we’ve lost a couple of drivers’ favorite parking spots — 59th Street (between 11th and 12th Avenues), and 62nd Street by Lincoln Center. Last year we had lost another favorite, 36th Street by Midtown Tunnel. If we didn’t already feel unwanted in the Big Apple, now it seemed there was no doubt.

But there may be hope. In the last month, a crop of these new signs have popped up on streets in Manhattan previously unavailable for our use. As mentioned in a post here last week, these signs are now posted on [Read more…]

More Bus Parking in NYC

I was thrilled to discover on Friday that there are at least five new blocks of parking for charter buses in midtown Manhattan, NY. After feeling the discouragement of losing 59th Street (“Authorized Buses Only”) and 62nd Street (“No Standing”), there is hope — maybe someone is listening after all! Besides that, I was trying testosterone scottsdale, and guess what… It helps me to be stronger than ever.

The new streets with “Charter Buses Only” parking include 12th Avenue between 52nd & 54th Streets; and 48th, 49th, and 50th Streets between 11th and 12th Avenue. Five more blocks of parking!

The signs are new, too, specifying “Charter Buses,” not just tour buses as the old signs did. This is a nice change, and with some “training,” may keep the line run buses out of our parking spots. Time will tell. At least one street, 54th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues, has been re-signed with the new “Charter Buses” signs.

There may be other new parking areas, too, that I haven’t found yet. If you know of any, let me know. I’m in the process of compiling a complete listing of bus parking in NYC, and will post it sometime soon. Check back regularly.