October 22, 2021

Indiana University Greek Agreement

Greek life had an undeniable impact on the campus of Indiana University Bloomington. The first Greek chapter of the UI was established in 1845 and usathed an era of rapid expansion of the chapter. At first, the university was very sensitive to these societies, encouraged them to grow, recruited members, and even helped them find housing. Governing bodies such as the Interfraternity Council (IFC), the Panhellenic Association (PHA), the MulticulturalGreek Council (MCGC) and the National Panhellenic Council (NPHC) have been established to govern these organisations. At first, these chapters were random academic and social clubs, but in the 1920s and 1930s they moved to large chapter houses and began to get closer to the modern Greek organizations we see today. The bicentennial of Indiana University 2020 marks 175 years of Greek life on campus. Greek life now has more than 70 chapters, 4 government organizations and 8,000 students. It is impossible to walk on campus and not see the influence of Greek life. Influences are felt as you walk up Third Street and North Jordan Avenue to see buildings named after decorated Greek alumni, to current students who proudly carry the letters of their chapter. the effects are obvious. Despite the interdependence of Greek life and Indiana University, the future of Greek life is uncertain. In the face of growing national criticism of brotherhoods in general and increasing reports of opacity and sexual assault, the UI administration has made it clear that Greek organizations are accountable for their actions.

In the past two years, five chapters have been suspended and the administration has introduced new rules with the Greek housing agreement, in addition to a three-month suspension of all IFC social and news activities. As Indiana University approaches 200 years, its sisters and brotherhoods must reflect on their past and position themselves to coexist far into the future with the administration. This interactive timeline provides a brief overview of the history of the organization of each IFC, PHA, MCGC and NPHC chapter on campus. Click to learn more about national creation data, local creation dates, general information, images and more. For more information on Greek housing and the development of IU Bloomington`s campus, you can explore the interactive spy glass map here. This fee is an expectation for all members, as their organizations receive additional benefits and support from the university, which go beyond other self-managed student organizations that have selective membership processes. The Greek organizing agreement was a relationship agreement between social brotherhoods and sororities with Indiana University, which made them a recognized Greek organization. Officially recognized Greek organizations have agreed to meet a number of standards and expectations, in exchange for unique resources, tailored to the university`s support for their organization, such as.B. programming initiatives, the ability to identify members, funding opportunities, and support from university staff. This agreement between the university and the student organization was created with the intention of formulating expectations to ensure that Indiana University students have a safe, healthy, and useful fraternity and sorority experience. Based on feedback from campus and community stakeholders, the Greek Organizing Agreement has been restructured into our four guidelines described above.

The OSFL Recognition Policy identifies the benefits that Indiana University will offer to recognized sister and fraternity associations, and describes the process and requirements for fraternity and fraternity recognition, the organization`s expectations, and the responsibilities and obligations that organizations have to IU. . . .

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