October 22, 2021

How Does The Internal Market Bill Affect The Good Friday Agreement

All countries should be able to protect their territories and trade. The GFA (note agreement) is not a weapon that makes war, but apparently only helps to enable peace. Disagreement does not make war, it just helps to give reasons for war. There has been no total ceasefire on the island and that is why there is still a war. Less than before, but still ongoing. The penalty of mutilation and murder should be the eradication of the perpetrators and both sides of the original border should have done their best. That they have not done so and within the framework of an agreement which is not satisfactory over the period and which requires re-education. No weapons were fired, so no war resumed, so to speak, except a dispute over the functioning of the agreement to the detriment of one of the parties. So this page wants to change the unforeseen problem…

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