September 24, 2021

Your Services Agreement Made Clearer Deutsch

This summary should help you understand the most important updates we`ve made on our terms of use. We hope this page will be useful, but we urge you to read the conditions in full. The prices of your use of services with a Connect platform depend on your agreement with the Connect platform. Stripe has no control and is not responsible for the Connect Platform fees that should be specified in your platform contract. Stripe`s standard rates for services are published on our website, although Stripe has accepted a fee with a Connect platform that differs from these amounts. Stripe`s fees are either disclosed separately or consolidated with royalties for platform services. Stripe has the right to deduct from both your Stripe account balance the stripe fees for services and the service platform charges that have been indicated to us by the Connect platform. If your Stripe account balance turns negative, you allow Stripe to debit the amount due from your payment account. If you feel that the fee has been improperly deducted or that your Connect platform has not properly passed on your fees, please contact us.

You received your Microsoft service contract – you don`t know why I received this information because I don`t show a Microsoft account – so I don`t want this service agreement. Please cancel and confirm today. In Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS and Google Drive does not change the way your information is processed. With the introduction of updated terms of use, your use of these products is subject to improved terms of use, in addition to their additional terms and conditions of service. This makes it easier to understand the terms and conditions that apply to most of Google`s services, as well as the specific additional conditions and policies applicable to certain products such as Google Drive, Google Chrome and Chrome OS. Our privacy policies do not change. Google`s privacy policy continues to apply to information we collect on Google products, including Chrome and ChromeOS (as explained in Chrome`s privacy policy) and Drive. Question, how does your computer information appear at the end of your response or message on the form here.? Stripe Connect allows Connect platforms to help you use the services, which may include the ability for you to get payments for goods and services, or receive donations for charities or campaigns. A Connect platform can help you create your Stripe account or integrate your existing Stripe account into the Connect platform. A Connect platform can also conduct activities on your behalf, provided it does so in accordance with your platform agreement.

You should carefully read your platform agreement to understand the nature of platform services and the activities a Connect platform can do on your behalf.

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