December 2, 2021

Ohio Has E-ZPass!

I just returned Saturday from a seven day trip to Chicago, and was thrilled to discover that Ohio finally has E-ZPass! Starting October 1st, 2009, E-ZPass is now accepted at toll plazas on the Ohio Turnpike (Interstate 80 and 90), across Ohio — complete with discounted fares. So E-ZPass now takes you all the way from New Jersey to Illinois using electronic toll collection, since it’s also accepted in Indiana’s I-Zoom lanes and Illinois’ I-PASS system, or from Maine to Florida, without stopping to pay tolls. Go to E-ZPass for more information.

About Bob Bergey

Bob has been driving motorcoaches since 2002, in every state east of the Mississippi and a few west, as well as the four southeastern-most provinces of Canada. In addition to driving, he's an avid photographer (and former professional), enjoys writing and technology.


  1. Awesome! We’ve been waiting for this! Thank you Ohio. We never thought you’d have to follow Indiana.