October 22, 2021

Eight Ways to Annoy a Motorcoach Driver

I’m smiling as I write this, but these are annoying issues bus drivers face nearly every day. Have you ever been guilty of one of these? Here are eight ways to annoy a motorcoach driver:

As a motorcoach passenger ….

  • Have the ringer turned up on your cell phone, and take a call while the driver is making announcements to passengers. Be sure to speak loudly so your caller can hear you over the bus driver.
  • Be late returning to the bus, holding up the entire group. This is especially effective in places like New York City, where the driver can’t sit and wait for you but must drive around several blocks, hoping you’ll be there when he/she returns.
  • At the first stop on an overnight trip, tell the driver you forgot something in your suitcase, now buried in the luggage bays, that you must have right away.
  • Tell the driver at the end of the trip what a great job he/she did, and you can’t wait to ride with him/her again … but don’t give him/her a gratuity. (He/she does this just for fun.)

As an automobile driver on the road ….

  • Be a “lane camper”; drive slowly in the center lane of a three lane highway, ignorant of the fact that, on many highways throughout the US (northeastern US especially), buses and trucks are prohibited from using the far left lane, and you’re blocking them by not moving out of the center lane.
  • At a red traffic light, completely ignore that thick, heavy, white “stop” line — stop anywhere you like beyond the line, don’t worry about larger trucks and buses trying to make the turn from the cross street.
  • On the Interstate, vary your speed as much as you feel like. Pass the bus and then slow up, making the bus pass you again. Using cruise control is “dangerous,” anyway.
  • Park your car in bus parking areas (nice, roomy spaces!), or park illegally on a city street corner, making it nearly impossible for large vehicles (trucks and buses) to make the turn.
About Bob Bergey

Bob has been driving motorcoaches since 2002, in every state east of the Mississippi and a few west, as well as the four southeastern-most provinces of Canada. In addition to driving, he's an avid photographer (and former professional), enjoys writing and technology.


  1. A couple of things you forgot there Bob.
    A group that has at least 4 or more “leaders” and none can make up their mind what they want.
    The group wants to stop and eat and you ask where. They just say pick a place. You pick a place and at the end of the meal, they can’t stop complaining. (I won’t do that again.)
    The group does not have and itinerary and they expect you to read their minds on what they want to do and where they want to stop.
    You are out of hours and they still want you to run them around all over town.
    They want to go where buses are not allowed. And they don’t understand why you say you can’t do that.

    It could be worse.
    Keep it safe out there,

  2. Jim Kalin says:

    “Be late returning to the bus, holding up the entire group….. I told my passengers that you can be late as long as you’re not last, you can be last as long as you’re not late, but you never want to be last AND late!

  3. Carlos X. DeJesus says:

    How about can can you turn up the sound of the movie,meanwhile it doesn’t look like anybody is watching or listening to the Movie.
    When are we going to get thier and your stuck in bumper to bumper traffic not getting anywhere fast!
    Are we taking the same bus back? Meanwhile you just drove five hour’s!
    Do we take the same seats on way back?
    Some old Senior say’s I am going to stay on the bus I seen that already. So what the HELL did you go on the trip for? and this is the second and third or four day of the trip!!
    I know you heard this one, well the other driver always does it for us!!!
    You have dropped off your passenger’s and a couple of hour’s pass and the phone ring’s I forgot something on the bus.
    Well thats enough for now I am sure I can come up with some more later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. For cars….When you see the bus turn on its turn signal for a lane change speed up so he can’t make the lane change, then camp beside him for several miles.

    For passengers: When throwing away a cup, be sure its full of ice and liquid…the bags are waterproof afterall.

    Annoying question from passengers (pointing at trash bag) “Is this the trash?” I know reply “NO! That’s my tip bag, what the heck are you throwing trash in there for???”

    With all the annoyances that comes with the job, I wouldn’t do anything else…It sure beats working for a living. 😉