November 29, 2022

Driving Tips for Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has an excellent website with driving tips for commercial drivers. Although they’re written from the viewpoint of a truck driver, they apply as well to motorcoach drivers and even passenger car drivers for the most part. It’s certainly worth spending some time here:

[tip]CMV Web-Based Driving Tips[/tip]

Included are video clips in each article illustrating things drivers have done incorrectly, along with tips on how to correct or avoid bad situations. Here’s a list of some of the areas covered:

  • Failure to Buckle Up
  • Too Fast for Conditions
  • Unfamiliar Roadway
  • Inadequate Surveillance
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Driver Distraction
  • Following Too Closely
  • Inadequate Evasive Action

I’m planning to do a short summary of each area here over the next several days. Meanwhile, read ahead, do your homework, and check out their site!

About Bob Bergey

Bob has been driving motorcoaches since 2002, in every state east of the Mississippi and a few west, as well as the four southeastern-most provinces of Canada. In addition to driving, he's an avid photographer (and former professional), enjoys writing and technology.


  1. Dave King says:

    Thanks for the tips Bob!