December 2, 2021

Construction at Mount Vernon Drop-off Completed

Drop off area at the Mount Vernon Circle

Drop off area at the Mount Vernon Circle

If you had a bus to Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home in Alexandria, VA) last summer, you may remember that the circle where you normally drop passengers was closed for construction and you had to drop at the front end of the bus parking area. I’m not sure when construction was finished — today is the first I’ve been back since last summer — but it’s completed now. A raised median strip separates the left and right lanes, thru traffic in the left lane, bus dropoffs in the right lane, and ne’er shall the twain meet — theoretically, anyway. Bus parking is fully restored along the highway as it was previously.

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Bob has been driving motorcoaches since 2002, in every state east of the Mississippi and a few west, as well as the four southeastern-most provinces of Canada. In addition to driving, he's an avid photographer (and former professional), enjoys writing and technology.


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