February 29, 2024

More Bus Parking in NYC

I was thrilled to discover on Friday that there are at least five new blocks of parking for charter buses in midtown Manhattan, NY. After feeling the discouragement of losing 59th Street (“Authorized Buses Only”) and 62nd Street (“No Standing”), there is hope — maybe someone is listening after all! Besides that, I was trying testosterone scottsdale, and guess what… It helps me to be stronger than ever.

The new streets with “Charter Buses Only” parking include 12th Avenue between 52nd & 54th Streets; and 48th, 49th, and 50th Streets between 11th and 12th Avenue. Five more blocks of parking!

The signs are new, too, specifying “Charter Buses,” not just tour buses as the old signs did. This is a nice change, and with some “training,” may keep the line run buses out of our parking spots. Time will tell. At least one street, 54th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues, has been re-signed with the new “Charter Buses” signs.

There may be other new parking areas, too, that I haven’t found yet. If you know of any, let me know. I’m in the process of compiling a complete listing of bus parking in NYC, and will post it sometime soon. Check back regularly.

About Bob Bergey

Bob has been driving motorcoaches since 2002, in every state east of the Mississippi and a few west, as well as the four southeastern-most provinces of Canada. In addition to driving, he's an avid photographer (and former professional), enjoys writing and technology.


  1. Sherri Taylor says:

    Hi, I’m a school bus driver from Vermont. I make occasional day trips to NYC. Do you know if the charter bus areas are also for school buses? Or are there other areas specifically for school buses? I need to park for a show at 16th and Broadway this Saturday. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. EightWheels says:

    That’s a good question, Sherri … and I don’t know the answer for sure. But I’m pretty sure you won’t have a problem parking a school bus in a charter bus area. I see others do it occasionally. I don’t know of any specific areas for school buses to park. It appears to me that school buses get away with “bending the rules” more easily than motorcoaches do. But to be safe, park in a charter bus area. Just leave room for me! 😉

  3. mizay entertainment says:

    I have a tour bus coming to NYC. The artist is staying at the Hudson Hotel. Where in this area can the driver park the 45ft tour bus?

  4. EightWheels says:

    Two paid parking lots are listed on NYC’s official bus info site (see the LINKS page under New York) … the 59th St. lot is probably within walking distance of the Hudson Hotel:

    • 11th Avenue, (east side of avenue), between 44th and 45th Streets.
    (Fee required-call: (212) 459-9003.) Open 24 hours.

    • 641 W. 59th Street, between 11th and 12th Avenue. (Fee required-call: Central Parking System, (212) 265-1189.) Open 24 hours.

    There is also a good amount of free on-street parking not far from there, between 11th and 12th Avenues on the streets mentioned in the above article. For overnight, though, I think I’d rather park in one of the paid parking lots.


  5. Hi Bob,

    Excellent web site. Appreciate your efforts! Recently took a group to NYC, Philly and Dc and found your info most helpful. Didn’t feel I dare stop at Rockefeller Centre on Sun Aug 2nd as coaches had been ticketed the previous Sun. Tour guide wasn’t willing to pick up the ticket if i got one, so I passed the area slowly.
    You had previously eluded to special commercial vehicle meters. I’m trying to find that comment.
    I noted those meters at on 49th at the Rockefeller Plaza but hesitated to use them. I did however head S on 7th through Times Sq and right on 41st where I parked beside those meters on Sun morn without “hassel”.

  6. We are coming to NYC with 2 – 21 passenger school buses from the 9 – 12 of October and we need to know where we could park the buses without getting tickets or in trouble. We will be visiting various locations on the main island and doing a boat tour of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

    We will be spending one day in the battery park area any help for parking in this area also would be really helpful.


  7. Thanks for the web help.
    I am driving a coach bus for a school group. Need to park on May 15 and leave it until May 18. We are staying at 125 W. 26th st, in manhattan. Don’t mind parking a ways away! Thanks.

  8. Hello Bob,
    Thank you and congratulations on developing such an informative website.
    I am very much interested in establishing motorcoach parking for both short term and over night customers while in New York City. Although we are located just outside of Manhattan (JFK airport) we can provide ample parking as well as full maintenance amenities including lavatory service. Please feel free to let me know how we can be of any assistance.

  9. The parking on 54th beside the baseball park
    is gone. Also all but one spot on 59th had equipment
    And 5 18wheelers there. The one spot that was left was within a few
    Feet of a fire plug and a active loading dock so you
    Could not use it.

    2 of our buses were ticketed this week while loading in a no standing zone
    On centre street off Canal. I was waiting for one student to show up. As I pulled out and was waiting for the light to change the officer walked in front of the bus and put it under my wiper. I pulled into the next block and put my four ways on while waiting for the missing kid and the same officer gave me another ticket for double parking. Plus he gave our other bus a ticket also while loading in a no standing zone.

  10. Jim warner says:

    Wheres the parking thats safe near jfk ?

  11. Renee Dambakly says:

    I have four neighbors on my block that drive full size school buses. They park them in their driveways. If you have side-by-side driveways, it’s difficult to pull your car in and out, and no room to open your car door when they are parked. Is it legal for them to park in their own private house driveways, or must they be parked somewhere else?

  12. As to the legality, you don’t say where you live, but I would assume it’s up to local zoning laws for your town/city as to whether it’s legal or not. I do know that’s common in many communities, so it’s probably legal. As to the practicalities, you may have to work that out with your neighbors or the company or school district they drive for.

  13. Chinatown is the worst place in the city to drop/pick up passengers — I hate going there anymore. There are no official pickup or drop points there any longer that I know of (it used to be on Cenre, but the last time I was there the signs were gone).

    Parking on 54th has been gone a while now, as has 59th Street — last time I checked it was for “authorized buses only,” which means you need a permit to park there, such as those given out by some of the museums in that area when you take school groups there. Half of the bus parking on 11th Ave by 59th Street is also gone, now made into a city bus stop.

    I’m working on an update to this article with the latest changes … it’s not a pretty picture.

  14. I drive a 36′ bus and am planning to come to NYC in a few weeks on a Monday. Is there safe bus parking near the ferry that goes by the Statue of Liberty? It’s a group of kids so I don’t really want to make them walk very far.

  15. There’s a decent drop-off/pick-up area for buses at Battery Park — ideal for groups going to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and a short walk to the Staten Island Ferry. But there is no parking there. There is very little bus parking left in that part of the city — a few spaces a couple of different places on South Street, but that’s about it. You may have to drive up towards midtown to find parking.

  16. Bob. Great stuff here. Do you know of an experienced driver for executive bus charter in new York city? You can contact me direct at agirand at yahoo dot com. If you like

  17. Jerry Slomski says:

    When you arrive in NYC later in the morning, there is usually no parking available. A lot of times, I will go thru the Lincoln tunnel to Hoboken, NJ. 1st exit after the tunnel, go straight. 2nd traffic light turn right, go 3 blocks and turn right where the Academy garage is. At end of block turn right again. There is some limited 4 hour parking available. There are also a few spaces between the Grayline garage and the Academy lot. But be careful to read the signs. Parking is on the left side only and for 4 hours max. It’s an OK place as there is a diner a few blocks away, but getting back into the city can sometimes be quite painful due to traffic going back into NY.

  18. J Stutler says:

    Check out the update on lower Manhatten bus parking/loading/unloading areas. This is in preparation for 911 Memorial Dedication. NYC is getting more difficult getting around and finding parking for buses.

  19. Go to http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/ferrybus/charterbus.shtml#zones and click on any of the links labeled “Download a list of authorized bus layover locations throughout Manhattan”. A pdf file will pop up that you can print off. I suggest you visit this site at least every month or two as fast as things change in NYC. Parking is getting very hard to come by. The “charter bus” and “tour bus” layover areas are being taken up by MTA and local buses. Even shuttle and taxi buses are taking our spots. I am to the point now that if my group is going to be several hours, I go back over to the Wal Mart in New Jersey and forget about finding a place to park in the city. When a special event is coming around, make sure you check back on that site. Only park in the areas labeled “Charter Bus” or “Tour Bus”.

  20. That sounds great for parking, but I have never been that far out and it does look like it is a ways out unless you are in the area anyway. It would be a bit of a drive during rush hour.

  21. I’m actually in Amboy New Jersey right now with 4 other motor coach drivers and we are shuttling workers to and from their hotels for the hurricane relief. As the other drivers and myself kill time we would love to go to the statue of liberty is there a good place to park our buses so we can enjoy the day or would it be best to grab a taxi from our hotel room in New Jersey!

  22. You’re better off going to Liberty State Park in Jersey City NJ . Much better ferry lines and Bus Parking at minimal cost

  23. Scott Fyock says:

    I usually drop off in NYC and head to NJ to park. When I come into NYC, I ususally go through the Lincoln Tunnel. That means I pay for the tunnel twice, once when I drop off, and once when I come back to pick up. The last time I was in New York (last fall), the toll was $6.00, I think. This past weekend, it was $20.00. I was part of a 3 bus movement. We had to pay a total of $120.00 to drop off and pick up. My question to NYC is: Why, even though we bring so much business into your city each day, do you want to treat us like this? Are you taking lessons from Washington, DC or something? 🙁

  24. Cessalee says:

    Hi! What a wealth of great information. I live in NYC and I didn’t know a lot of these rules. I’m managing a tour and I’m looking for the best place to park a Sprinter Van with trailer and 3 SUVs…any suggestions? Ideally it’s be a lot near 57/5! Thanks so much for the information!

  25. The LAST place I want to go with a bus is NYC. It’s not bus or limo friendly; have had my share of tickets. Appreciate the information on parking !! The spaces fill up quick but at least there’s opportunity —- even if one needs to circle for 1/2 hour or more until a parked bus leaves.